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1. What is an art print? What is mean by Print Run and Edition in art print?

Art prints refer to reproductions of an artist’s original work, which are then printed on paper or other materials using a printing press or other techniques. Art prints allow people to own and enjoy a copy of an artwork that may not be accessible or affordable in its original form.

A complete print of a work is called an edition. “Limited edition” means that the printing of the print is carefully controlled quantitatively, and each proof is numbered, ensuring that the printing of the print run is consistent and reproducible. The number of prints in a limited edition is determined by the artist, and the total number of prints in the edition is usually indicated on each print. 


When it comes to art prints, the artist’s signature is an essential element that adds value and authenticity to work.The artist’s signature is usually placed in pencil at the end of the print run. It serves as a way for the artist to control the print run and ensure that each print meets its standards. It is also a way for collectors and buyers to verify the work’s authenticity.

2. What is watercolor paper?

Watercolor papers are made with cotton fibres or wood pulp, or a mixture of both, specifically designed for painting with watercolors. There are three types of watercolor paper finish, which are related to how smooth it is – hot press (sleek and smooth), cold press (lightly textured) and rough (heavily textured). The best watercolor paper is 100% cotton having a weight of at least 140lb or 300gsm – it creates a smooth, fine paper that’s great at handling lots of water, creating effects like wet-on-wet painting, and gives an even finish when it’s dry. 

3What is Canvas?

Canvas is an extremely durable, plain-woven fabric that can be used for a range of purposes. Usually made from cotton, linen or hemp, it’s popular as a painting surface when stretched across a wooden frame (called a ‘stretcher’) and coated with gesso to prevent the paint from coming into direct contact with the canvas fibres (which would eventually cause the canvas to decay). Canvas allows for larger formats with easy portability as they are lightweight and can be rolled. Canvas is less prone to warping and cracking than wood panels.

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