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Peyma Dee (b. 1999) is a self-taught young Bhutanese emerging artist. Art wasn't initially his dream during his school days; like many, he aspired to pursue an academically-oriented profession. Following the completion of a Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2022, he decided to pursue a career as a full-time artist. Amidst a landscape where people are departing their jobs for greener pastures abroad, the decision was daunting. Yet, he is resolute not to capitulate and tread cautiously along this path.

He specializes in creating both realistic and conceptual art influenced by culture and nature, employing a range of media and techniques to breathe life into his concepts. However, his aspirations extend beyond his artistic journey. Despite being an emerging artist, his goal is to inspire and educate budding artists in his own modest ways, while also contributing to fostering a vibrant and creative society in Bhutan.

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